Reiner Ritter

Schuhhaus Ritter, Troisdorf

“Our experiences with the Ganter Aktiv shoe can be described as being very positive. The sales arguments for us, and the possibilities offered by this shoe to wearer, quickly convince the customer. Until now we have been able to help a great number of customers with pain in the metatarsal bones, arthritis, varicose veins, overweight,
back pain and knee problems. In cooperation with a local chemist’s during an “Arthritis” advertising campaign, we have awakened a great deal of interest and have been able to convince new customers.”

Christian Nicolay

Javelin thrower - Second place in the 2003 European Cup
2005 German Champion, second place in 2004 and 2003
U23 European Championships third place in 1997
Junior European Champion in 1995

“Ganter Aktiv released the tensions in my back muscles and especially the shoulder muscles. I can actually feel the way in which Ganter Aktiv creates muscular compensation in the leg- and back muscles. I have experience with the products of other manufacturers, but Ganter Aktiv is a super product with unequalled flexing
comfort. Walking in this shoe relaxes me and is really beneficial.”

Ralf Wunderle

Physiotherapist, Gundelfingen

“Recommendation for the Ganter Aktiv Shoe Regularly wearing the shoe with its special roll system has the effect of a functional
training process that activates the entire muscle system that gives the body its posture. The foot muscles are strengthened, while the calf and thigh muscles are also vitalised and stretched. The lower joints are returned to their physiologically natural position. The pelvis is raised, which stretches the entire spinal column and takes the
stress off the lumbar vertebrae, balancing the pectoral girdle and regulating the position of the head. The result is a compensating of the imbalance of the muscles of the entire body, a problem that is regarded as the main cause of orthopaedic complaints. In addition,
after a short period of adjustment, the wearer develops a harmonious gait and an upright posture, expressing his or her self-confidence, strength and health. I recommend Ganter Aktiv shoes to my patients as a parallel therapeutic measure. They can also be used as a preventive measure to avoid the pains that result from
poor posture.”

Prof. Dr. G.-P. Brüggemann

Institute for Biomechanics and Orthopaedics
German Sports University, Cologne

“The Ganter Aktiv simulates walking barefoot on a natural yielding ground. Walking with the shoe gives a feeling similar to walking barefoot on forest or sandy ground. Personally I find the Ganter Aktiv very pleasant – even if worn all day. Its functional characteristics make it particularly suitable as a means of improving the muscles of the foot. It may even counteract weaknesses and complaints of the foot. Simply by wearing the Ganter Aktiv show, we can train the foot at least moderately throughout the day.”


Frank Arenhövel

Orthopaedic master shoemaker, Essen

“The Ganter Aktiv is the best shoe that I know of. No other shoe relieves the forefoot in a similar way. The foot climate is exceptionally
good, which I trace back to the exclusive use of vegetable-tanned leathers in the shoe lining!”

Dr. Hartmut Stinus

Orthopaedic medical specialist
German Handicapped National Skiing Team physician

“The Ganter Aktiv convinces through its natural materials and its anatomical sole construction, in which softly embedded and stabilising elements are so optimally positioned that the wearer immediately feels well in the shoe. The Ganter Aktiv is among my favourite shoes.”

Paul Ganter


“I have a very good feeling after only a few hours wearing the new “Ganter Aktiv”. The improvements are felt especially in the treadsole with its stabilising elements, above all in the metatarsus area – in interaction with the flexing sole – makes possible a lively, natural and erect gait.”

Dr. med. Christian Teschner

Emergency doctor

“The Ganter Aktiv has by now been my companion along many a road, including my professional missions, in many countries, and I am an enthusiastic fan. It is comfortable to wear, even over longer distances, and benefits from perfect workmanship. The roll feels different to that with other shoes, it is pleasant and comfortable, and one doesn’t seem to get tired so quickly. ...

… This will not be the last pair of shoes of this kind that I will be wearing, Once again, many thanks.”


Dr. med. Norbert L. Becker

Private Institute for Applied Biomechanics - Tübingen

“The rounded heel, the stiffened sole and the rolling of the middle of the foot support the rolling characteristics of the foot. In addition the rolling of the middle of the foot prevents over-pronation and hence an increased asymmetric pull at the Achilles tendon. The fact that the insole is in the form of a pad, and the shape of the sole itself mean that even if the ball of the foot is exposed to higher strain the front transverse arches are maintained. In this way the strain is relieved not only on the Achilles tendon but also on the front of the foot by the extremely anatomic rolling system.”

Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Dr. hc.mult. Franz Gerstenbrand

The Ganter Aktiv shoe can be expected to lead to an improvement of the posture of the spinal column and of the movement of the trunk and extremities. It should also lead to a greater accuracy of directed movement processes and in increase in the level of alertness of
the brain as a whole. The function of the sensory organs may also improve. The Ganter Aktiv shoe should be used specifically in cases of dysfunction of the spinal column and the accompanying complaints such as headaches, and for cases of spinal illnesses in the form of bouts of lumbago with accompanying pains.”